Hydrotherapy has been extensively used in human rehabilitation, Dipping Dogs is now able to bring these benefits to the canine world.

Hydrotherapy can be of benefit to many conditions including:

Hip and elbow dysplasia
Orthopedic operations: fracture repair, any joint and spinal surgery
Degenerative joint diseases including arthritis
Ligament and cartilage damage
Sprains and strains
Spinal injuries
Obesity management programs
Cardiovascular fitness

The buoyancy effects of water provide a weightless medium for exercise allowing dogs to exercise pre and post surgery without putting strain on their joints.

Working or racing dogs will benefit from our specially designed fitness pool. It will help to keep
them in peak physical condition and will strengthen their muscles to help prevent injuries occurring.

Our Hydrotherapy Team

Our hydrotherapy team at Dipping Dogs is headed by Sue, who has extensive practical experience with dogs as well as a B.Sc. Honours degree in Animal Science. Sue is qualified in Canine Hydrotherapy, Canine Massage, Phototherapy and Canine First Aid.

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for today.
you were all so kind and helpful and I was very impressed, well worth waiting for. See you next week".
Our purpose-built hydrotherapy pool measures 30ft x 14ft x 4ft and has a running temperature of 29-31 degrees. The pool is designed exclusively for therapeutic swims to treat a range of conditions.
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